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‘At last - a new and brilliantly original novel from India.’
— V S Naipaul

‘The Alchemy of Desire puts Tarun in the front rank of Indian novelists. I am inclined to agree with Naipaul: his book is a masterpiece.’
— Khushwant Singh

‘One of the most attractive Indian writers in English of his generation, he writes with a great deal of raw energy, inventively employing images which are at once sad, haunting, horrendously comic and beautiful.’
— Times Literary Supplement

Dear Tarun, I am so happy you have written another novel; thank you for sharing that great talent with us all once again. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I hope all is well with you. Tehelka is amazing.
Best wishes always,


Dear Mr. Tejpal I wanted to congratulate you for the fantastic “The Story of my Assassins”. One of the few books that I have read without interruptions (which is a lot these days). So much so, that, I had to buy “The Alchemy of Desire” and finished it yesterday, tremendous book. What I most admired about these books, is your language, the raw emotion, the willingness to take risk of expression. The imageries are so vivid, that it seems I was transported to the place. The natural language of the characters added to another dimension, along with the raw earthy humor. I’m sorry, I am not a writer like you and hence do not possess the gift of words. But, two of the best books that I have read in recent times. I am recommending it to everyone.

And Oh, much superior to “The White Tiger”. Anxiously waiting for your third book.

Subhashis Chowdhury, Bangalore


Hello Tarun Sir. I’ve always been an ardent fan of yours. The endeavors you make to change the scarred face of the Indian political system is indeed praiseworthy by all means. Sir, I’ve been following your views and thoughts for quite a long time now. if would be more than happy to take the privilege to tag you as the worthy torchbearer of the courageous Indian media. Sir, I once had this golden opportunity to attend a seminar where you were one of the eminent panelists sharing your views aloud on the topic "media in times of crisis"-{Kolkata, 22nd february, 2009}. Sir, you quoted there that a good journalist needs to have this dangerous blend of arrogance and ignorance within him or her. but given the political pressure that the journalists today are put under, don’t you think people who wish to speak the truth are somehow or the other reluctant to do so? sir, it would be really gracious of you if you could tell me how, in your views, the political violence in Bihar and U.P. should be dealt with? What, according to you, should be the duty of the common man in accordance to curb political violence in the country?? and sir, I would also like to know how can one join your group, i.e. the Tehelka, if he or she is interested in serving the society through the medium of media??


Tejpal in his elegiac elegy does with the English language what he does to himself on the wall with Sara...raises it to new heights after laying it out over a period of time in stunning splendour for us to gasp at...seriously he is masterful. In spite of a really "gandaa" mouth in need of lots of brushing The Story is a masterpiece. But I do have a question of the great marksmen. Tarun what is it that your principal protagonists in both your books eat and drink to make them mating champions of this and I bet all universes? Keep it up mate! Bitter humour at the expense of the bleeding India reveals what reams of research cant...most of humanity is guys just watch your own backs and have a blast...while you can.
Bindu Tandon

Tarun Ji... I love u..You are a great-great journalist and a better novelist ...I am subscribing Tehelka for the last 1 year... "The Death of..." was a great piece of work that I had ever read in my have to travel miles and miles before getting tired ...a distinction between novelist and journalist is can be a good journalist by visiting people, but to become a novelist you have to live with them............ I personally invite you to wishes for your entire journey
Shareekul Ansar jrf cusat, Cochin



Hi, Tarunbhai, This is Nasir Chhipa from Washington, DC. We are very proud of you. Best wishes from everybody (me, Saeedbhai, Munshiji) etc. I read about your new book. I am going to purchase one on Keep in Touch.


A True Statesman
With best wishes from a common man


Hi Tarun, Congratulations yet again on your new book and of course it’s the same story again. We can’t get your book here in Canada again. Anyway I guess I will just have to wait it out again. God bless you and if it is anything like the ALCHEMY OF DESIRE, than the wait will be worth it. Do come over to Vancouver sometime.


Hello, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of "The story of my assassins"! When does it launch in Europe?
Thank you

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